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A Place 2 Go is the go to place for modern Caribbean & American dining in the Tri state area conveniently located in New Rochelle's up and coming and rapidly expanding down town business district. A place 2 Go will be the place where you always know you will get the best of everything. A Place 2 Go's atmosphere caters to young professionals, businesses and families in the Tri-State area. It's diverse, modern interior allows for intimate dinners, large group gatherings, or serves as the go to for business meetings. The menu is inspired by traditional Caribbean Island cuisines along with Southern American soul. Daily Chef Specialties and cocktails will be available to continually entice the pallet. A Place 2 Go is open 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, Serving dinner and appetizers. Hours of operation will be Tuesday, Wednesday 4:00 pm - 10:00pm; Thursday 4:00pm - 11:00pm; Friday 4:00pm - midnight; Saturday Noon - 10:00 pm and Sundays Noon - 8pm with live entertainment on Fridays.

Our Dishes
Discover the finest in Caribbean cuisine. Our menu selections and relaxing environment make us A Place to go in Westchester.

Where, How, When
Place 2 Go is located at 273 North Ave in New Rochelle, New York. We are short walk away from the New Rochelle Transit Center that offers quick Metro-North Train service to New York City. We are mere 36 minutes away from Grand Central on the express train.



Douglas W.

This place is just amazing. Great food. Great service. You can come in blindfolded and just pick anything in the menu your good to go. They also have live music on Friday nights. They do brunches ever so often and those are a ball. One big party. Just a totally dope spot. You won't be disappointed at any time.


Cory N.

I love, love, love this place.  It should be named "A Place 2 Stay."The bar was inviting with a very pleasant and friendly bartender.  If you're nice and fun, they're nice and fun. I started waiting for the rest of our party with a Red Stripe beer and continued with a Dragon Stout beer after the first was finished. For dinner, I had the oxtail, chicken pot fried chicken and a shrimp appetizer. There was rum punch for the ladies and they sucked them down like Hoovers.The food here is ridiculously good and the vibe is fun.  There are couples, families, friends, and everyone is smiling and happy.  The service was attentive, friendly, welcoming and warm.I love, love, love this place.Parking sucks. Your best bet is a nearby indoor lot.  DON'T park in the bank lot next door or you will get ticketed or towed. Street parking is iffy, although they have a parking app, so you don't need coins.


Ariel B.

Decor: small but cute .. music was vibing & they had TVs by the bar . Patrons with small kids please note they only have ONE high chair available Food: i had the oxtail , friend had the red snapper & my sister had jerk chicken . My oxtails were lukewarm & for for FOUR oxtails and one side ( i chose rice & peas) i was disappointed to say the least .. my friend with the red snapper who happens to be Jamaican said she could've gotten a full meal on WP road for way less & i couldn't agree more .. jerk chicken seemed okay nothing to rave about .. i would say the prices for the meal was not worth it.. food was okay but i wouldn't come back because the prices don't match the quality. Drinks: rum punch was nice & strong and so was the tropical Long Island .. i would come back for the drinks and have them at the bar if anything.. they ran but worth it Atmosphere was cute enough for a date night but with them prices I'm like nah & trust me I'm not cheap


Peter K.

I loved this place.  I have always wanted a nice sit down place to eat Jamaican food in Westchester.  There a plenty of places to to take out food but not many to sit, have a drink, and just enjoy the food.  The food was really good.  The portions were great and the drinks were tasty.   This place is definitely not fast food but it is certainly good food.  If you like Caribbean food, you must try this place.  @hudsonvalleyeats on instagram


Chan F.

I had dinner with a party of 8 for my sister's birthday. Overall I had a pretty cool experience. Dinner service is rather intimate, with dim lights and a warm decor. I was a little disappointed to hear that they no longer have a live band, and only have some tracks playing overhead. The service: left much to be desired. A rude maître d', and a dull mannered waitress. The staff just didn't seem serious about customer service or customer appreciation. Aside from the bartender I didn't see a smile from any of the staff except when dealing with each other. The food: I hear from members of our party that the rum punch was good, as well as the mojito (they don't water down their drinks), I opted to just have the house traditional fruit punch which was way too sweet...needed some acidity to break up that sweetness. The peppered shrimp wasn't traditionally seasoned, but were cooked nicely. The fried calamari were my favorite appetizers, followed up by the jerk empanadas. My main course was Jamaica's national dish, Ackee and salt fish. The serving was large enough for two or three. And while the dish itself was delicious, the side order of bammy (fried cassava) was torture to eat and swallow. It was fried way too hard and was drowned in a fat. I hear from others that the ox tail was good as well as the fried chicken. Aside from the lackluster service and my balmy I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Hopefully management can work on training the staff to deal with patrons in a respectful manner. I will return to sample some of the dishes.


Chandani R.

This restaurant has AUTHENTIC Jamaican food!!! My family and I went for my dads birthday and the service and food was fabulous! The place has nice decor and a nice atmosphere inside! The entree were substantially large and delicious! I ordered a passion fruit drink which was very refreshing. The service and staff were very knowledgeable and fast and sweet. Overall, it was an amazing experience with one of the best Jamaican foods I've ever had! They also had awesome soca tunes playing in the background which made the experience even better!


Brittany G.

Went here for my fathers birthday and initially I was impressed by the wonderful customer service. There was a long wait so the hostess offered us a drink while we waited and recommended cocktails that were out of this world. The space is tight but they make up for I.T with the quality & presentation of the food. The only thing that I questioned was the cake charge? We brought our own cake and had to pay again for I.T to be cut. I get the reasoning but we had a party of 10. Otherwise, I'd recommend this place for a date or a gathering with friends and family. If you're bringing kids go a little earlier. Last but not least, the bathrooms are literally 5X5 so just be aware.


Linden R.

Had  the oxtails with rice and peas.The oxtails were good but a little salty.Did not like the mac and cheese at all.The coconut shrimp was amazing!!! I ordered 2 plates.The cod fish fritters were also good.The waitress was way too rushy and a little rude other than that  it was a really nice place to eat.


Drew M.

Been wanting to try this place out for a while.. But they were always busy when i tried.. Finally caught them on a slower night..The restaurant is very nice.. Better than i expected from the outside.. The staff was ok and didn't give us any problems.. Our drinks were really good.. Especially the rum punch.. Had the rasta pasta with chicken and it was delicious.. Made my night. Rice and peas was also very good.. Prices are reasonable too.. Definitely one of the better restaurants in New Roc..


Leftera W.

Terrible, overrated and rude! We made a reservation for 6 last Thursday . Before we got there we call to confirm our reservation and the drink after hours special and was told that drinks are 1/2 off until 7pm. Well NO!!!Once we got there they refused to sit us on a table and told us that we can only sit on the bar( the place was completely empty). So they started by disregarding our reservation and continued by telling us we can only have 4 of their drinks on special, but not with top shelf liquor. Disgusting is the only word that can describe my experience in this over priced, rude establishment!Never again!


Fenn N.

I meant to write a review for this restaurant sooner. We came on a quiet Friday night and were seated right away. The food was pretty good even though the Dutch Pot Fried Chicken good use some more seasoning/ base. I wish they offered waffles during the dinner times haha.


Linda M.

The food is delicious but the customer service sucks. By the way, it appears that they are out of business, again. Last year, they were shut down due to not paying taxes (Tax Lien on the front door) and now it closed again. If you call the number you will discover that it too has been disconnected and has been that way for weeks. Shady business...


Marilyn C.

This restaurant and staff make you feel at home. Went last night with my family to celebrate my 64th birthday. The food was amazing. I had the Red Snapper and when I say delicious I mean delicious. The staff sang Happy Birthday and the cake was amazing, served warm . Go there and enjoy


Sacia S.

The coconut mojito gets a 5 Star. The bartender gets a 5 Star. The snapper gets a 4 Star. The Bammy gets a 5 Star. Everything else can stay-- This restaurant is really nice for bar seating and conversations. The vibe is really cool and it's especially nice if you live in the neighborhood and you're just tired of going to Buffalo Wild Wings. If they were to get a better chef, the overall score would be 5 stars all the way. I keep going back for the drinks, the red snapper and the servers. I wouldn't recommend you ordering anything else.


Cheryl S.

Walked into this restaurant bar at 1037pm. Was told kitchen closed. But then at the same time we entered another group of 4 walked. When they asked about kitchen; they were told closed too. But then the bar tender conceded And allowed them to place an order. Service for some; NOT FOR ALL!!! I call discrimination. I've been a faithful client and even recommended people. Won't Do that anymore. Very sad !!!!!


Brittany N.

Been coming here for a few years now and I still love this place. The interior is very nice especially for a Jamaican restaurant. The food can be a hit or miss but the drinks are always excellent. Great place to hang out with friends after work. The happy hour always seems to get pretty packed so arrive early for a bar seat. Oh and they have brunch one Sunday a month!


Rachelle R.

These place deserves 5 stars! I've wanted to stop by here many times but for whatever reason didn't make it until tonight. I am quite familiar with Jamaican food (home cooked) so to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be great, good but not great. To my surprise the food was PHENOMENAL! My fiancé ordered oxtail and I ordered ackee and salt fish. OMG! Both dishes were so incredible, bursting with freshness and flavor. You can tell that quality fresh ingredients are used. The staff was very warm and welcoming. I can't wait to come back here!


Tatiana P.

Came here with a friend last nite. Pretty descent place. Bar was packed, so we had to get a table. I had the stir-fried shrimp with rice and peas, my friend had oxtail with rice and peas. Both meals were tasty. Tropical Long Island was really good! Prices were a teeny bit higher than what I expected. My only reason for giving 3 stars is the staff at the front reception area. There was a cluster of about 5/6 girls, they were very unprofessional. Their language, their demeanor - you can tell they were really young and obviously inexperienced, so I didn't fret. Other than that, descent place. Update to answer owners question: We arrived roughly 7:30/8pm


Shari P.

Disappointed to say the least. The food was overpriced and inconsistent. The service was slow and my waitress needs a class on how to be good at her job. We started with the rum punch and the tropical island iced tea. The rum punch was very sweet and lacking rum. The tropical island iced tea was on point and very strong. For appetizers we got the crab cakes and the jerk chicken spring rolls. The crab cakes had a really good taste. They were very small but the flavor compensated for the lack in size. I loved the sauces they plated with--the scotch bonnets and pineapple chunks were the perfect match. The jerk chicken spring rolls were greasy and just blah. No flavor, just oily. It came out with a sauce similar to duck sauce which I thought was weird because I would've at least paired it with a jerk sauce of some sort. And there was barely any chicken inside of them. Entrees weren't great either. The stir fry shrimp would've been good if it wasn't loaded with sodium. My bf was so hungry he didn't want to return it although I urged him to because it was almost unpalatable. On the other hand, I ordered the rasta pasta with chicken and it had absolutely no flavor. I asked for a side of jerk sauce and my waitress after 10 minutes finally brought it to me and it made no difference in flavor-no spice at all. My waitress managed to piss me off before I left. My bill came up to and I was going to leave a 15% tip (about /) and I had no change so I put 0 and she never brought back my change. She disappears and I had to flag down a bus boy so he could help me get my change. After paying so much for overpriced food I didn't even enjoy there's no way I was going to let her get away with keeping my change amounting to a tip. She comes back like oh I thought you were leaving that for me (no, and you would know that had you asked) and I said no we didn't plan on leaving a 25% tip I was waiting on the change--usually you bring the change and I decide what I want to leave you. And she goes no as she proceeds to slap a on the table in front of me. So thank you. I'll take back my since you're incapable of doing your job!Horrible service. Decent drinks. Live band. Overpriced food. I won't ever return. Sorry. Not sorry.


Amanda G.

So, my family and I came here after a show and we bought a voucher on our drive to the restaurant. It was a voucher for four people, which included four drinks, four entrees and two apps to share.Since neither my husband or mother-in-law wanted the included drinks (Rum Punch or Tropical Iced Tea), my sister and I both had one of each. My husband decided to try their take on what seemed to be a kind of non-frozen mudslide. I forget the name (Call A Friend, maybe?) but it tasted very good and they don't skimp on the alcohol. Their drinks are very good and strong.We started with the Calimari which was crispy and seasoned very well. We also had the Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls which we ordered because of all the rave reviews. They were good; nice and light, with a hint of jerk spice.Three of us ordered the Curry Shrimp with Rice & Peas for our sides. Their rice and peas are so flavorful but a bit salty and the shrimp dish was a bit salty as well. It still tasted great and had great flavor. Hubby had the Jerk Pork but couldn't finish it. He doesn't do spice heat that well but if he could have eaten the whole thing, he would have went in on his plate. Needless to say, my son benefitted greatly from the doggy bag. I like to try a lot of different dishes when I visit a new place so I opted for an extra side dish of the Mac & Cheese. It was decent. Nice taste and consistency. For dessert, we shared two cakes: their version of Black Cake and a Rum Pound Cake. So, we're in a Caribbean restaurant and they have black cake on the menu. You know you have to try it. Maybe because I've had my mother's black cake, a version which she made for two of her children's weddings (mine, included) and made religiously, every year on special occasions and holidays; a black cake in which she made with rum-soaked raisins that stewed in their alcoholic brew for months before becoming worthy of being chosen to be baked in a cake of such developed flavors, this version just did not resonate with me. This passion for my mother's black cake was definitely lacking. The pound cake tasted better to me. It was good but I wished they had other options. They had none of the dessert items I actually wanted to try. Despite some of the minor disappointments, I am happy to have found a Caribbean restaurant in the area that offers decent tasting food in a setting that doesn't resemble a dive bar. It's nice to get dressed up and eat the food of your culture. It's nice to be able to make it a "night out" and not just a take out errand to run dinner home. They definitely have room and time to improve. The food is way better than any other dressy West Indian restaurant I've visited. It is far from being dumned down to meet to palate of those less fortunate folk that don't get out much. If you can handle some spice, have them serve you up some grub. It's worth a trip.

About A Place 2 Go and Reviews