{Delicious & fit} Fast flatbread pizza Thai style with chicken, green asparagus and spicy peanut sauce. A 500 calorie recipe.

D u really like pizza? Such a hot stuff with crispy ground and melted cheese - a bit of a pinch inside, with a lush topping and a lot of flavor? But you also know that ordering a pizza service 1 .: time will be quite costly again. And 2: you're going to eat a lot more than you intended to eat. (And tonight definitely will not have a positive effect on your sleep, we do not even want to talk about any lines and bathroom scales ....) You still love doll pizza? Then you should definitely give this fast flatbread pizza thai style a chance with chicken, green asparagus and spicy peanut sauce.

My new favorite pizza will be hot and crispy on the table in 25 minutes, will turn out completely normal ingredients from the supermarket and is correct, really delicious. In addition, she brings through lean chicken and plenty of fresh vegetables such as green asparagus only a whopping 500 calories on the plate. If you're just wondering if this is just such a frolic-thing that leaves the gentlemen and their pizza-jieper hungry and dissatisfied ... read for yourself. I do not even know who finally gets to know more about the great success of the flat bread. Pizza was dumbfounded - the man or me:

Dear Readers of GourmetGuerilla,

I am the blogging cook's man and I want to be turn to you today with a personal message. Many times the dishes from Mels Küche have broadened my (culinary) horizon. Nevertheless, there are of course preferences and I can not deny that the descriptions "light" and "with lots of vegetables" always have a somewhat dampening effect on my anticipation. In particular, the phrase "with crisp green asparagus" triggers me an intense, deep-seated escape reflex. So I am happy to announce that the "Dings with greens and peanuts" (new official name) has moved into the top ten of my favorite dishes. BAM.

Why am I writing this to you? Because my reaction was so enthusiastic last night that the greatest woman of all was a little suspicious. That's why I publicly state here on record: Yes, I like that very much. No, the asparagus does not have to be replaced with Bockwurst. Yes, I can absolutely and absolutely recommend this.

Best regards

the man

PS: But you should not lose sight of this with the Bockwurst.

So, get to the "Dings with greens and peanuts"! Have it tasty

The recipe for flatbread pizza Thai style with chicken, green asparagus and spicy peanut sauce

Ingredients for 2 bread rolls pizzas:

1 small chicken breast fillet, approx. 140g
(Vegetarians simply leave the chicken or take eg tofu)
1 teaspoon sesame oil

6 sticks of green asparagus, cut into pieces

2 thin flatbreads (Dürüm, tortilla or similar .)
1 ball mozzarella light (27% fat), grated or finely diced
1 small red pepper, diced, approx.Roast for 5 minutes from each side until it is nicely browned and cooked. After half of the cooking time, add the green asparagus and fry. Remove from the pan and cut the chicken into thin slices.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees top/bottom heat.

Spread the flatbreads on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Sprinkle the flatbreads with 1/4 mozzarella and garnish with chicken, asparagus and paprika. Then sprinkle the rest of the mozzarella.

Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes, until the cheese runs dry and the flat bread on the edge is crisp.

In the meantime, peanut sauce, orange juice, ginger Mix soy sauce, lime juice and chili pepper or spicy paste in a blender to make a creamy sauce. Possibly. Season with salt.

Take the flatbread pizzas out of the oven and top with carrots, spring onions, chilli and cilantro. Finally, drizzle with the spicy peanut sauce and serve.

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